Disputes & Litigation

Protecting & Advancing The Interests of Contractors

Disputes & Litigation

Weitz Morgan has represented companies in their efforts to protect awards, ensure the integrity of a procurement, pursue contract claims, prosecute and defend fraud actions, and litigate commercial disputes between non-governmental contracting parties.

The firm has a robust litigation practice that we leverage to help you solve your government contracting matters. Public procurements are unique in that much of the litigation in this market is against your client, which means contractors that find themselves in disputes with the government have competing priorities: advance or protect their interests and maintain the client relationship. When needed, the attorneys at Weitz Morgan will actively pursue your cause, but we understand that achieving resolution without protracted litigation is also a win and may be the best approach.

Weitz Morgan will utilize the firm’s litigation skills in disputes where the government is not an adverse party as well. In those instances, aggressive advocacy balanced with deep alternative dispute resolution experience allow us to resolve matters without the expense and opportunity cost of prolonged litigation. In those instances when full-blown advocacy is necessary, though, we are well positioned to marshal the facts, identify risks and best positions, and provide reliable legal representation that combines strength of conviction, strategic decision making, and proven capabilities.

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